Test automation services

Almost all the project we have done were based on Agile/Scrum/XP techniques thus all kind of test automation are of very common for us. We try to automate all the things we do, both at programming and UI level (mostly Web UI).

Our employees know how to work with customer requirements, all the modern techniques and tools are applied in the company – thus could be usage of Google Docs and Google Excels, Trac/Jira, all kind of wikis, they are good familiar with Continuous Integration, including Jenkins, also with Maven and its Nexus repository systems, and for us it is not a problem to use SVN or Git (and Gerrit on top of it).

We do a strong focus on test management, and always care which percent of Business Use Case was covered, and what is not covered. Terms such as regression testing, or smoke testing are good known for our people.

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Our services

Implementation of XML2Selenium Continuous Integration

Test Automation Infrastructure development. Continuous Integration introduction, implementation and support. Linux administration. Using XML2Selenium as hosted SAAS solution.

Automated Tests Development

Test Automation of Web Applications using stable and reliable platform XML2Selenium. Tests corresponding good test definition! All the build artifacts in one place: logs, screenshots, video, exceptions. Know exact place where test failed.

XML2Selenium Tests Management

Management of tests automation project is so convinient and easy using our reporting system. We are providing reports you need for your project. We are introducing best practices and processes in area of Test Automation Management.


Introduction of XML2Selenium into your project cycle. Teaching and supervising of your QA team. We make audit of your current Web UI tests and recommend the best suitable strategy on migration of your project in XML2Selenium platform.

XML2Selenium plugin development

All you could see in reports and tests are plugins. Everything is extendable. And we are happy to help you in achieving your goals! Just order XML2Selenium any sort of customization for your needs: new tags, new reports and even new area of testing could be added. Even mobile applications!

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