XML2Selenium Test-Automation Platform

XML2Selenium is an extensible, plug-in based platform for creation and control of the automated tests on the basis of Java technology. XML2Selenium has integration with JUnit, and runs over Selenium. It allows creating automated tests in a simple format, understandable for general QA engineers with no programming background.

XML2Selenium also lets manage all the phases of automated testing, from creation to running the tests.

Traditionally, QA testing is a poorly invested part of business; meanwhile, product complexity and the number of Use Cases is growing, and the companies come to a deadlock, when tests architecture reaches the level of application architecture. The same concerns the automation of testing.

XML2Selenium addresses all these challenges and offers an elegant and simple solution - to use a basic XML format as a development language for tests.

XML2Selenium is integrated with Maven, Jenkins, JUnit, Selenium, and will perfectly fit into your continuous integration eco-system, or will assist in creating one.

XML2Selenium – expertise that stays with you!

The principal competitive advantages

  • Low entry cost. Even junior automation specialists and QA engineers without programming skills can create high-quality, easily supported and adjustable tests, with the use of DDT (Data Driven Testing) approaches, which increase tests' re-usability.
  • Built-in function for tests structuring according to folders, files and tags allows to easily display test documentation. Through this platform you actually improve test management processes.
  • XML2Selenium is a plugin based, extensible platform that allows you to customize the processes for your needs - to create new plugins, establish integration with necessary systems, and much more.
  • All re-usable units (imports, plug-ins) can be placed in a repository at the disposal of other QA engineers, thus spreading expertise and knowledge in the field of automation.
  • XML2Selenium offers a wide range of automation services, such as video recording, snapshots and screenshots, Groovy and JS scripting support, object-oriented programming in XML, and many others.

Сomponent diagram of XML2Selenium

Сomponent diagram of XML2Selenium

Сomponent diagram of XML2Selenium