What is XML2Selenium

XML2Selenium – is an extensible, plug-in based platform for creation and control of the automated tests on the basis of Java technology.

XML2Selenium is integrated with JUnit, and runs over Selenium. It allows creating automated tests in a simple format, understandable for general QA engineers with no programming background. XML2Selenium also lets manage all the phases of automated testing, from creation to running the tests.

XML2Selenium addresses all key problems of Test Automation and offers an elegant and simple solution – to use a basic XML format as a development language for tests.

XML2Selenium is integrated with Maven, Jenkins, JUnit, Selenium, and will perfectly fit into your continuous integration eco-system, or will assist in creating one.
XML2Selenium – expertise that stays with you!
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  • We have been experimenting with XML2Selenium after witnessed one presentation by Dima Harachka of JazzTeam. We experiment with it on one of our big projects to do regression tests for the one module that had lot of problems. Our test guy knows Selenium very well but XML2Selenium makes possible much quicker production and change of regression test scripts. He likes it and thinks it is useful product. Biggest advantage is quicker development and better structure of tests. Very easy to integrate. It makes lot of Selenium power accessible for non-programmer. We finished final evaluation and proceed to buy this tool.
    Alex Alexeenka, Teamlead Artezio, Minsk, Belarus
  • XML2Selenium is a powerfool test automation tool that unleashes Selenium’s power to testers instead of java developers. It allows testers to write functional tests in a declarative way. This unleashes Selenium’s power to the right people, testers. No Java knowledge is required while all the power of the underlying Selenium framework remains. It is a huge productivity boost. The tests are written in an XML format in webpage-object-oriented steps. Even being a Java developer myself, I would never return to writing Selenium tests in Java. XML2Selenium is just way faster. It provides real nice reports, targeted to testers and business people.
    Peter Reitsma, CEO, Owner at Plance.nl, FLASH2HTML.nl, Netherlands
  • I participated as a speaker at First in Belarus International Regional Conference http://www.solit.iSoligorsk.org, and during that conference, I had several opportunities to talk with Dzmitry about XML2Selenium in detail as a product and its future. I am really impressed by the technology. The most promising feature from my manager perspective is cost saving of test automation management. Taking a look at reports, the state of product test automation was apparent. I definitely recommend XML2Selenium to be used as a tool for test automation. I know that the innovative JazzTeam people are working hard on the XML2Selenium product and are very supportive to their customers.
    Friedrich Boeckh, Senior Consultant, corporate quality consulting GmbH, Siegburg
  • My company Antalika develops big portals and auction websites (Groupon clones) for belorussian and international clients. For big portals we developed our company also do the maintaining. For stable development and good regression testing we start use XML2Selenium since January 2013. Web Developers in our company working with XML2Selenium are not Java developers and have no experience for automated testing. In the beginning some small problems happened but now the creating of tests is very quick and I like this product. In future we will use it more. Dima and his team provide great support and fix bugs very quickly.
    Alexey Grakov, CEO Antalika, Moscow, Russia
  • We now are in a much better position and detect bugs before our customers find them. The test automation frees our testers to focus on other quality aspects and new functionality. As a result, we offer our customers an even higher level of quality and stability of service.
    Bram Cool, CEO at Ezwim, Netherlands
  • Since we release new versions of our platform on a monthly basis, we spent a lot of time on manual regression tests. JazzTeam completely automated our regression test set and put up the required testing infrastructure for us. Their XML2Selenium framework enables our testers to implement new test scripts without any Java knowledge. The XML2Selenium reports help us to quickly assess bugs and problem areas in our platform. The integration with BrowserStack allows us to test on all combinations of browser and OS that we want to support, without any extra effort. JazzTeam provided excellent support and swiftly responded to all our questions and problems.
    Hein Remmen, Director Product Management at Ezwim, Netherlands

Popular plugins and features

XML2Selenium integrated with popular cloud testing platform BrowserStack. You can run your automation tests on large set of desktop and mobile browsers and operation systems! Read more

Bisness-report is a html file with very detailed information about test cases and tests statuses. Allows us to study all tests artifacts including log files, screenshots, video and snapshots (tested page downloaded and saved fully)

Behavior-report is a html file with information about business specific operations inside tests, so you see statuses of tests without technical details, just in tree view. This report makes life of test managers easier.

Plugin allows us to save a video of test running. Videos are stored in flv format and have small size. It is possible to have several records for one test running. Beauty is all recorded videos are stored in the folder with test artifacts and thus further are accesible through reporting.

Plugin allows you to save screenshots and snapshots during the test run. Snapshot is html source code of the currently displayed page. You can post this artifacts in bugtracking system for better visualization.